Choke Chamber – Broken Vows

Choke Chamber – Broken Vows

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Karma’s a bitch indeed. Great actress, blonde vixen Miranda Nicole portrays a good for nothing, unfaithful, spoiled, kept woman, who is shot to death by her frustrated, fed-up older husband. After an erotic afternoon of private yoga lessons with her instructor/lover, Miranda hops in the shower and gets ready for dinner and dancing. While relaxing by the bed, smoking a cigarette, in walks hubby. The topless beauty with cig and stocking in hand, rudely dismisses her spouse, and says to him: “What the fuck are you doing here? Looking for your viagra? I told you. You’re a total failure. I need a younger man…” After a barrage of insults, she storms out to the balcony where she meets her final destiny. Now equipped with enough ammunition to teach blondie a lesson, justified hubby pulls out his 38 caliber, points it in front of his target, and shoots her with 2 in the lower lower belly. She is taken aback, and moans in agonizing pain. She holds herself up, still in disbelief that her husband is about to end her life. She then gets one in breast. The last shot ends her slowly, and ever for painfully. Upon her untimely demise, hubby laughs, and takes her still lit cig, and puts it in her lips. His anger satiated, hubby exits the house, leaving his wife’s corpse bloodied, and full of holes.

Broken vows
Broken vows.mp4

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