Choke Chamber – Capture


Choke Chamber – Capture

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Special agents get an information about terrorist attacks. The first army girl from RED EAGLES enters the room of an apartment house where secret information about world banks is stored. The agent shoots her in the stomach and to the chest. Slow death! The first target was easy. Seems she is rookie in RED EAGLES. It was her first mission and she died. The second mercenary was more experienced soldier. Sexy Annabelle is fluent in machete fighting. She attacks the agent, but after a short fight he pulls her machete and stabs her through to the stomach, she has pain shock, shouts, and falls to the floor dead with surprised death stare. She was sure she wouldn’t die. She killed 20 persons – men, guards, super agents, very strong soldiers… The third mercenary (Hass) is more slow than the agent. She gets two or more bullets to her body, writhed in agony and dead. She was so sexy in her latex leggings. The agent hides in a shelter. The male terrorist and his female assistant enter the room. The man looks to the dead girls and goes away. His assistant (sexy Luiza with a sword) stays to check bodies. The agent opens fire from the cover and catches the girl unawares. She is killed. The agent checks dead bodies and goes away searching for another terrorist. A killer from RED EAGLES (man) goes to the room with four girls who have been killed. He plays with bodies (RED EAGLES is very cynical group – you’re well paid when you’re alive but you’re just toy for fun or utilization when you’re dead) and threw the corpses to the bodypile. He decided to hide his trace: he doused the bodies with gasoline and burned the room.

Fetish Elements:

Spy girls, Bad Girls, Shooting Out, Shot into chest, Stomach, Breast, Long deaths, Quick Deaths, Girls with guns, Stabbing, Girl with Sword, Girl with Machete, Stripping bodies, sexy shorts, sexy uniform, boots, army, burning bodies, interesting plot, bad girls’ death


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