Choke Chamber – Crimson Monday

Choke Chamber – Crimson Monday

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Scene opens with a cell phone ringing. Agent Bordeaux wakes up and picks up the call. It’s her superior from the assassins agency giving her a new assignment. The new mission involves the assassination of a major drug lord. The superior instructs her to inform her partner Lolita of the project. After hanging up the phone, next to Bordeaux lies a naked, sexy, busty blonde… it’s Lolita. She nods, and accepts the job. Immediately, they both get up and start dressing. They always dress in style for every job. Lolita puts on her pantyhose, her bra and slips into her dress. Bordeaux puts on her fishnet stockings, and garter belt. Just because they’re deadly killers, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look sexy and sophisticated during the job! Alas, the two blondes are now at the hideout of their target. They walk toward the house, cautiously watching their backs. Little do they realize that their presence is already known. Their target has been tipped off. The spies enter the premises, and scope the place. They are armed, and ready to fire at a moment’s notice. Once they sneak into the target’s living room, they realize their man is nowhere in sight. Suddenly, an armed man rushes them, and starts firing from the other side of the house. Immediately the 3 square off, and fire back and forth. Bullets ravage the home. Then without warning, Brit is hit in the abdomen. She wails in pain. She tries to stay strong, but the impact renders her immobile. She falls to the floor, writhing in pain. Now it’s just Lolita for the mission. She attends to her lover/partner, then heads to finish the job. She is determined to take him out. The target outwits the blonde vixen, and shoots her in the back. She falls on the floor. He drags her by the hair, pulls down her top to get a better visual of her getting penetrated from the bullets, then shoots her in the breast, and the chest. She coughs, and groans in pain. The bullets finally take the best of her, and she expires. Now he approaches Brit. She stares at the target, maintaining her strength and composure. She dares him to finish her off. He takes her up on her bluff and fires at her chest. She cries out in agonizing pain, but doesn’t beg. He shoots her one last fatal time on the navel. Alas, she bleeds out, and dies. The two blonde spies are dead and bloody. The target is still at large.
Crimson monday
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