Choke Chamber – Dany Eliminated

Choke Chamber – Dany Eliminated

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: After Dany, the sexy secretary of a powerful drug lord robs her boss of almost half a million in cash, she tries to make a run for it, by leaving town. Unfortunately for the thieving vixen, she gets caught before her planned escape. A hit man is hired to take the exotic beauty out. The assassin enters her home, interrogates her with a gun, and eventually shoots her with a silencer. After a brief cat and mouse chase, a bullet hits her in the back. She drops and wails in agony. The killer approaches, taunting her as he puts the silencer on. Dany begs for dear life. He takes the silencer, aims it at her left breast, and shoots. The cries of torture, and pleasure sound the same. The silencer shoots multiple times… hits her on the breast, the back, the belly, the navel. She arches her back with every hit. Within moments, she exhales her last breath. Now her body lies cold and dead on the floor. Her face is still beautiful, eyes wide open. A lesson is made. Never double cross the boss.

Dany eliminated
Dany eliminated.mp4

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