Choke Chamber – Deadly home invasion

Choke Chamber – Deadly home invasion

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


Two girls live together in the flat. They are young, beautiful. They have a casual lifestyle of facebook, clubbing, partying, and college. So, it’s a typical life, it’s a typical day. Angelina is using her fitness machine, Luiza is relaxing in the bed next room and chatting with her friends. It’s summertime. Birds are singing sings on the street, the Sun is shining so brightly! Does this pretty day look like the last day in their young lives? A man with a gun enters girls’ flat. Angelina gets a bullet in her stomach first. Her neighbor Luiza is running out when she hears a bang but she gets a bullet too. They are suffering in agony. Why, why this warm sunny day is so cruel for them? They are lying on the floor and bleeding out together. They are begging for mercy but a murderer shoots them brutal. They are dead with surprised faces. Their leggy bodies are still warm and sexy. A man carries corpses to the hall, strips them and puts into the wardrobe. Birds are singing their summer songs, indifferent Sun is shining for all living people but not for the girls any more. They are dead sitting in the dark wardrobe.

Very realistic sexy movie made in 1980-s American slashers and Italian giallo style. Two girls were shot by killer
Fetish Elements:

Ultra sexy jean shorts, fitness clothes, shooting, blood, begging for life, deat stares. Body dragging, postmortem stripping, touching dead bodies

Deadly home invasion
Deadly home invasion.mp4

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