Choke Chamber – Dreams

Choke Chamber – Dreams

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


A CRIME HOUSE PRODUCTION! Inga is ordinary young woman from a middle class family. I do not know why a strange masked man tried to kill her. When he entered her room, she was sleeping. He put a necrophiliac sculpture near her. Death approached, and the girl in her dreams already sees it. The first dream. She is like a schoolgirl. Schoolgirl having fun talking on the phone with her girlfriend. Manic bursts into the room. The girl is very frightened. Maniac shoot her with a pistol several times. Girl dies in agony, her short skirt rides up. The second dream. Inga is a sexy housewife. Woman gets out of the shower and sees a man with a gun. She manages a plaintive cry when she shoots a maniac. She dies in the shower, in an erotic pose. The third dream. Inga aerobics. Her yellow shorts, a pink T-shirt and sneakers. She is doing exercises when a bullet caught her off guard. Inga is dying in terrible agony, and her body shows a funny ass involuntarily ostentation. Girl wakes up in horror sees that maniac from dreams – it is a reality, she is trying to scream, but the offender hits her on the head with the statue. The girl turned off unconscious. Maniac timidly plays with her body, afraid to touch it, and walks away. Hearing her moan, he turns and shoots her in the forehead. Smer is so fast! Confused girl with a bullet in the forehead and she falls off the bed and lay dead on the floor wearing only panties.

A CRIME HOUSE PRODUCTION! 4 Deadly Situations!
Fetish Elements:

Fetish-form schoolgirl, athletic shorts, tits, gun fun, killing without blood, murder with blood, unconscious, sleepy, fear, agony, surprised faces before death, sexual dead poses, shot in the head, death stares with closed eyes and with opened eyes


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