Choke Chamber – Dreamscape

Choke Chamber – Dreamscape

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Two beautiful girls discuss erotic fantasies, and they uncover that they both share dreams of being assassins. This mini-series is one of five seductive films. This one scene takes place is an office. Lara and Suzy wear tight-fitting short black dresses, black fishnet stockings, and boots. Suzy stands at a desk secretly photographing documents with her cell, occasionally checking over her shoulder. Lara peeks through the door to notice the rival spy. She douses a kerchief with chemical from a bottle, approaches, and strikes quickly, clamping the kerchief over Suzy’s nose and mouth. Suzy struggles aggressively, pulling hard at the kerchief, but her eyes glaze. Lara holds Suzy upright until her eyes fully close and her body is still. When she removes the cloth Suzy’s head falls back limply. Lara stops to plants gentle kisses and then maneuvers the sleeping spy into a chair by the desk. She briefly searches Suzy’s inert form, but finds nothing. Standing, Lara turns her back to dial her cell. She is oblivious to Suzy slowly waking and obtaining a letter opener from the desk. Suzy quietly sneaks up behind Lara and raises the weapon to strike, but her attack is curtailed by the sound of silenced pistol from across the room.V played by Michelle shoots Suzy. Lara turns to catch the wounded spy in her arms. Lara is next to meet her untimely demise with a prick of her finger. Poison takes over her body, and puts her in agonizing pain. Within moments, she passes, and V cradles her in her arms. She piles fondles, and inspects both bodies, one on top of each other. Dream over, until the next fantasy…


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