Choke Chamber – Even The Score

Choke Chamber – Even The Score

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Jackie… a brand new Chokechamber asian beauty, starts her day with a ten mile run. She’s a third degree black belt, and cardio is an essential part of her daily training. She gets home, and prepares her shower. But she has company… An intruder, armed with a gun, breaks in, and slowly moves through the house to the sound of the shower. He enters the bath room, and rips back the curtain… But, she’s not there. With one move she finally snaps his neck… dead. Did I mention she’s a trained killer, and she knows who put a hit out on her? Her own Agency boss Sergio. She takes time to dress in her black leather fighting gear and heads to his place. Jackie explodes into Sergio’s home, and confronts him. But it all goes bad when she tries to stab him. Sergio is a powerful man, and quickly gets the upper hand. He roughs her up pretty good, until she sees an opportunity, and takes it, quickly wrapping her leg around his neck… then snapping it… or so she thinks… The mob boss has more tricks up his sleeve. He toys with the spy and ends her with the mighty garrote. He strips her down to make sure she isn’t wired.

Fetish Elements:

Super sexy death stares, erotic strangle, sexy barehanded choke, NUDITY, necro-fondling and manipulating, high heel boots, leather outfit, workout sexy outfit, eyes wide, tongue out, legs kicking and twitching, Super-heroine in peril, red nail and toe polish, submission and domination, chokehold, scissor-hold, stabbing, fast karate, punching and kicking, neck snapping, submission and domination, moaning and groaning, body writhing

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