Choke Chamber – Extortion


Choke Chamber – Extortion

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Three set-jet party girls from rich families have gathered at rented apartment before going to club. But suddenly a kidnapper breaks into the room with a gun. He wears terrible mask, so it seems he is a druggy or someone from their get-together who pissed away all the money and needs jackpot. Or may be is he a criminal from outside? He terrorizes girls with a gun and makes them stand up against the wall. He makes them call parents about ransom. He is very nervous. Girls are in panic. They have some troubles with phones as ill luck would have them. Their bagging, panic hitch with calling for money make him crazy and he begins execution. So stupid and fatal! He shoots Luiza to her breast, then into the head. She shoots Nata into the chest and to the neck. He shoots Juliana into the chest twice and ends her with headshot. After looking at their death agonies he is very excited and decides to strip their bodies, play with them and take some photos.

Fetish Elements:

party girls, terror, panic, begging for life, firing square, shooting to the chest, headshots, agony, death stare, stripping bodies, taking photos of dead girls, bodypile


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