Choke Chamber – Friends With No Benefits

Choke Chamber – Friends With No Benefits

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Sexy Chelsie has been known to being the highlight of every social evening. Although she’s fully aware of the fact that she’s the object of every man’s desires, for years, she could count on her best guy friend to be her platonic confidante. However, after one sexy, all niter at club, their comfortable friendly dynamic changes into a fatal tale of unrequited love meets demise. When the best friend decides to profess his undying love and loyalty, Chelsie, rudely, and arrogantly dismisses his heartfelt confession. Insensitive to her friend’s feelings, she starts talking about all the guys she’ll soon have sex with before him. The blatant disrespect enrages the friend. Like a ticking time bomb, he explodes, and attacks Chelsie. He charges toward the brunette beauty, and puts her in a fierce choke hold. She manages to escape at first, but he captures her and puts her in an even deadlier throat-lift. But her demise is caused by the inescapable, agonizing, garrote he ties around her soft neck. Within minutes, Chelsie dies. I guess this means their friendship is truly over.

Friends with no benefits
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