Choke Chamber – Hanging (virtue Vice)


Choke Chamber – Hanging (virtue Vice)

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

4 sexy young girls rent summer house to relax and have some fun. But the house owner is sectarian morality advocate who hates modern young girls. He reads sectarian literature and draws old orthodox woman. He’s sure all females must look like her!
When he sees 4 young girls in tops and ultra-micro shorts he decides to start his own Lynch Law and execute them for lechery, short shorts and sexual view.

The girls come to the house. They are happy because of great summer weekend. They laugh and have fun but all changes when crazy house-owner rushes to the room with a gun. He surprises them, kidnaps, stands near the wall and binds their hands behind their backs. He takes a ruler, leans it to their asses, and measures the length of shorts. Too short! «Minx!» – declares moralist. Then he scours their pockets. He finds cigarettes in Luiza’s pocket, condom in Angelina’s pocket, drugs in Marina’s pocket but he finds nothing in Tora’s pocket. So he is ready to read the sentence: Luiza, Angelina and Marina will be executed nude by hanging. Tora must be executed in her panties only by hanging!
Girls are crying and begging for life. They’re young girls from good rich families, they have money but Moralist doesn’t need money. His sentence can’t be refused.
He brings them under guard to the backyard where nooses hang. He stands Luiza and Marina on the gallow, strips them nude and hangs, pulling on a rope. Two nude brunettes are being hanged, they twitch, touch, shake, pull their feet, struggle in agony, their eyes and mouths are opened. Angelina and Tora are looking how their friends are dying and cry.
When Luiza and Marina are dead Moralist take out their bodies from nooses and do the same with Angelina and Tora. After execution he collects all nude bodies on the yard under the sun.

Fetish Elements:

Panic, hanging, hanging faces, indignities, agonies, leg-kicking, gasping, eyes wide opened, tongue out, no air, girls looking how friends are being hanged before execution, nooses, taking out from nooses, outside bodypile

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