Choke Chamber – Hit Girls

Choke Chamber – Hit Girls

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Starring 2 Chokechamber vixens… (First released Feb 12, 2014) PLAYBOY’S Miss October Cyber girl… Two gorgeous assassins have been sent to terminate a vicious crime lord for a generous sum of $100,000. Seasoned killers, Ali and Michelle deliver on the job, and take-out their target with relative ease. After 3 years of partnership, Ali is taken by surprise when Michelle changes the plan, points the gun at her threatens to kill her for the money. Betrayed, but still on guard, Ali dodges Michelle’s initial few shots, and runs for cover. They engage in a shoot out, and fire back and forth. Alas, after a few minutes of backfire, Michelle hits her former partner in the chest, stopping Ali at her tracks. She maintains composure, and stays standing. She refuses to go down easy. Michelle shoots another3 slugs… a couple on the belly, and then the breast. Ali slides down, back against the wall, blood staining the paint. She pants, and breathes heavily, but her life is slowly fading away. Shortly thereafter, the brunette beauty expires. Michelle kneels down next to her victim, and plants the gun in her hand. She attempts to frame the scene to make it look like a shoot out gone awry between the crime lord and Ali. After leaving the evidence, Michelle exits and heads over to her boss’s place. At first, Michelle thinks she’s won, but her glee is short-lived as an unexpected twist awaits the exotic bombshell. Karma is a bitch.

Hit girls
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