Choke Chamber – Hunt

Choke Chamber – Hunt

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


A nice girl is walking in the forest alone. She is a student at summer holidays. A gang of rich cruel young people have some terrible fun. They come to the forest by helicopter every weekend to find victims, chase them and kill them. Today they chose this innocent sexy victim. Two men and one girl attack her by surprise. They grab her arms and legs and start stripping the poor young chick. She has a terrible panic attack, she is writhing like a snake and escapes. She run through the forest, but three rapists follow her. The girl decides to save her life and fight to the end! She hides herself behind a tree. When a bad girl from the gang turns back, the innocent babe attacks her and strangles her by her own bra! After a long strangling scene good girl wins, and bad girl gets her due. Now she is dead with stupid choked death stare. Rich bitch was very surprised to die instead to kill. A winner takes a gun from the girl’s corpse and kills another person from the gang by headshot. She hopes to kill the last villain but… Suddenly she takes a bullet to her chest. No more hope! She drops and has a long agony, then she dies and we see her dead body with tragic mimic at her face. She just wanted to walk at the clean forest but instead berry she found her death! But she fought as desperately as she could!

Super action clip with great strangling scene and ultra sexy shooting. Exciting Dynamic erotic thriller with mega shooting effects, very sexy girls and many unusual surprises.
Fetish Elements:

Girl attacked by rapists, forced stripping, near to escape, chase and run, sexy girl running away, topless, GOOD GIRL VS BAD GIRL, From Victim to Killer situation, amazon, strangling, cat fighting to death, death stare, legs kicking, tongue out, girl kills a man, headshot, female fatale, POV shooting, agony, GOOD GIRL DIES, slowly deaths, blood, sexy dead bodies, outside shooting.


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