Choke Chamber – Indecent

Choke Chamber – Indecent

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: When Kymberly, the mistress of a wealthy, real-estate tycoon makes waves, and threatens to break up a happy home, and end the comfortable lifestyle of Orange County housewife Victoria M, someone pays a handsome price… Kym’s life. Generally, the buxom brunette has it pretty easy… she gets her generous monthly allowance, in exchange for a few hours of bedroom fun. Unfortunately for the beauty, life on easy street is about to hit an end. The “old ball and chain” decides to pay a visit to the home wrecker, and have her version of “girl-talk.” The conversation starts with an unexpected attack, and ends with a tight garrote rope wrapped around Kym’s soft, neck. Kym writhes in agony, and struggles against the fit Mrs. Sadly, after a brief rumble, the girlfriend expires, half naked, and sprawled on the bed. Victoria inspects the mistress to see if she were worth the fight. Was she as attractive as her husband claimed? The wife strips her nude, plays with her body, looks at it, and investigates… perhaps she was! Good thing she’s gone, so she won’t be trouble anymore.


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