Choke Chamber – Legend Of Jack: Paradise – Part 1

Legend Of Jack Paradise - Part 1.0022

Choke Chamber – Legend Of Jack: Paradise – Part 1

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


One Day Jack was drinking with the Devil and Devil promised he would never take him to Hell. When Jack comes to paradise, four sexy angels met him and say «go away!» Angry Jack imagines massacre in paradise. In his dreams he strangles angels, shoots them with machine gun (no blood effects) and shoots them nude with machine gun (with great and realistic blood effects). Episode includes 4 death scenes: 1)Before meeting with Devil Jack imagined how he strangled a waitress when he had no money for beer. 2)When Jack is in paradise he strangled four sexy angels and made great DEAD ANGELS BODYPILE. 3)Jack killed 4 angels with Russian Second World War machine gun 4)Jack killed four nude angels and made bloody dead angels bodypile. Jack was shunned from Paradise.

Fetish Elements:

Sexy angels, Oktoberfest waitress, strangulation, mass strangulation, dead angels bodypile, strangled angels, shooting without blood, shooting with blood, stockings, legs, death stares, playing with bodies choking reactions, shooting reactions, great Halloween atmosphere.

Legend Of Jack Paradise - Part 1
Legend Of Jack Paradise – Part 1.mp4

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