Choke Chamber – Lie Cheat Steal

Choke Chamber – Lie Cheat Steal

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Ali plays a wealthy, high society woman who just discovers that her husband has been having an illicit affair with a local babysitter. What with the exorbitant costs of divorce, she decides to personally ensure that the infidelity is true, before confronting her cheating spouse. Ali invites the mistress Michelle to her home, and pretends to need her nanny services. Oblivious to the fact that the affair is known, Michelle saunters in her lover’s home, half and hour late, and careless. She’s been wanting to see their home for many months now, but for the sake of discretion, have been meeting in hotels instead. Ali observes the sitter, and pretends to interview her for the nanny position. After a few minutes, she offers her the job, and exits. Michelle eagerly looks around the house, and tries on Ali’s dresses. Deep down she wishes she were the wife. Little does the asian vixen realize that Ali only pretended to leave. She has been watching her from outside of the room the whole time. After Michelle puts on the the skirt, the hose the tight top, and shoes, Ali explodes, enters the room and confronts her. The meeting is anything but copacetic. Ali calls Michelle a “cheap whore.” Michelle replies smugly, “Honey, ask your husband… I’m anything BUT cheap.” This arrogance infuriates Ali. Without further hesitation, the angry wife lunges toward Michelle, wraps her hands around her throat and throws her down the bed. She chokes her furiously. They struggle. Within minutes, Michelle expires. Pleased with herself, Ali decides to call her husband and show him his new “gift.” Hubby comes home only to be devastated by his loss. So red with rage, he attacks Ali, and strangles her with a tight rope until her last dying breath. Now he has two dead bodies on his bed. What to do? One thing’s for sure. He won’t be having another affair anytime soon.

Lie Cheat Steal
Lie Cheat Steal.wmv

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