Choke Chamber – Misfire


Choke Chamber – Misfire

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


Rich businessman Anatoli is having a great time at Bora Bora with his blonde lover Anna. He is checking stock market reports in laptop screens when his babe is longing for some steamy action in the bedroom. He gets an important call from business partner and moves away from the bungalow. His lover is alone and stripping for him to make a surprise when he comes back. But competitors from big bank structure send contract killers to liquidate Anatoli and grab his business. Killers are from elite secret agency from Russia – Julia Cobra and Natalia Scorpion. Sexy girls know how to kill. Julia wears very short button up shorts and t-shirt, Natalia is her boss, so she wears short office miniskirt, white shirt and black stockings. The girls look at the window and see nude Anna alone preparing for sex. Natalia stays outside to wait for Anatoli and to kill him with silencer-gun while Julia goes to the bungalow to have some fun with Anna. Anna hears steps and thinks it’s Anatoli. She is ready for sex but what the fuck?! Unknown girl with gun! Anna is very surprised and scared. Julia shoots the first time. Misfire! Shit! But she takes another gun – big silver revolver and shoots. In the stomach! Lo, in the tender Anna’s stomach, just in the belly! Anna has the strongest stomach agony but Julia Cobra strikes again, directly to Anna’s right boob! Anna is bleeding, so much blood! Julia strikes the third time. We see slow-motion flying bullet effect like in Max Payne or Matrix! This effect we used the first time in death fetish movies industry. We see how bullet flies to nude girl’s heart and kills her. Anna is dead, with open eyes, all her body is in blood. Julia comes to her body for some games. She is exited to see rich glamour girl dead in her bed. Her body is still warm. She touches her and she is going to fuck her corpse. Natalia is waiting for Anatoli. It’s so hot in Bora Bora! The girls takes off her stockings. But Anatoli sees the agents and he is ready to attack first. He surprises Natalia from behind and strangles the girl with hew own stocking. It’s long ultra sexy strangulation scene with some new effects and fetish elements. Dead Natalia stays in very exotic and sexy death pose and death stare. Anatoli takes her silencer gun and goes to the bungalow. He sees how Julia plays with his dead girlfriend. Julia stands to the floor and shoots. Fuck! Misfire again! It’s not her day, not the day for this bad-bad girl! She makes fail-face because she understand that she hasn’t second time to strike. She is the loser. Anatoli shoots to her head. We see another slow-motion bullet-time affect, with 180 degree camera turn. Bullet is slowly flying to Julia’s head. Epic headshot indeed! Julia with bullet in the head falls to her knees, then falls to the floor. She is already dead but her dead body is still kicking because of muscle contraction. Her face is very dead, surprised and stupid. Now all girls are dead. Anatoli goes to his lover’s corpse. He says «Sorry, babe!». Then he carries Natalia’s corpse from the street and strips her to full nude. He strips Julia’s body. There were so much dead sexy babes that Anatoli after stress fell something strange in his soul. He feels sexual and plays with dead female bodies like in dolls. He understands that he can’t stay in Bora Bora any more and goes away leaving nude girls’ bodypile under hot sun. It’s new era of Crime House and Dark Rooms production. Now we work only together and make long, fetish, relish exotic death films with HD only and quality of professionals from media business. Death Fetish only with HD media format only! It’s full time fetish shooting and strangulation HD movie with huge budget, great video especial effects, slow motion flying bullets effects like in Matrix. Full nude content. New models. Great acting and location. Much blood and ultra sexy. It’s death fetish mainstream movie, very sexy with many surprises in one collection!

Fetish Elements:

Spy theme, miniskirt, office bad girl, contract killer bad girl, glamour nude girl, high heels, black stockings, legshow, jeans short shorts. Deaths: strangulation with stocking, shooting full nude girl to the belly and boobs with much blood and bullets special effects, headshot to bullets special effects. Postmortem: death stares and sexy poses, after death body reactions and muscle contraction, brain death. A bad girl playing with good girl’s corpse. Revenge. Bad girls’ deaths. Playing with corpses! Sexy three full nude dead girls bodypile. Much other death fetish surprises you haven’t seen before in death fetish industry.


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