Choke Chamber – No Place For Old Men

Choke Chamber – No Place For Old Men

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Victoria M is anxiously getting ready for an important date set up by the millionaire matchmaker’s club. The sexy vixen has been waiting for a wealthy, young, entrepreneur to settle down with, and the service has been known to deliver. She gets dressed, putting on her sleek, nude pantyhose, designer Prada short mini, and high heel pumps. Alas, the door bell rings. She rushes to the door, full of excitement. She opens the door. Much to her utter disappointment, she meets a man over twice her age, and far from her young Brad Pitt look-alike expectation. She invites her blind date inside, and attempts to politely let him down. At first, she nicely implies that they may not be compatible. But as the he persists with his intentions, and pushes himself toward her, she decides to tell him he’s too old for her, and kicks him out. Angered by her rudeness, and the constant rejection from spoiled, entitled, LA girls, he loses all control and grabs Victoria. He pulls her toward the couch, slaps her dizzy, and wraps his hands around her. He instructs her to cooperate, and behave. She tells him she’ll acquiesce to his desires, as long as he doesn’t hurt her. He slowly disrobes her, as she cowers in fear. He caresses her supple breasts, and her smooth skin. Suddenly, he takes his tie, and wraps it tightly around her neck. He chokes her. She struggles, kicking and fighting to break free, but his grasp is too strong, After what appears to be long, agonizing minutes of pain, Victoria expires. After she dies, the man decides to take advantage of the opportunity, and check out the goods. He removes her clothes, and her pantyhose, admiring her long legs, and beautiful feet. He plays with her quiet body. What a sleeping beauty! After he’s had his fill of fun, he exits, and attempts to schedule another date.

No place for old men
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