Choke Chamber – No Smoking

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Choke Chamber – No Smoking

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


NEW VERY SEXY YOUNG MODEL ANNABELLE! A young couple (Kit and Annabelle) is in the cafe. A waitress is writing their order when a rich girl starts smoking a cigarette. «Oh no, you can’t smoke here!» – the waitress tries to stop her but the young man wants to be hero for his girlfriend and attacks the poor waitress. He chokes her on the floor for a long time. His victim tries to save her life, grabs Annabelle to her feet and legs. She dies. Kit takes her dead body, puts it in the table and suggests his girlfriend that she eat her. Glamorous sexy rich brunette is in shock. «You are sick! You are mad! I call the police» – she cries. Kit is very angry. He killed a girl for Annabelle’s honor and he’s not ready for this reaction. He grabs Annabelle’s throat and carries her to the wall. When she is killed he starts to play with bodies. He strips the girls full nude, puts the cigarette to Annabelle’s opened dead mouth (great death stare!) and lights the cigarette. When the police comes the detective takes the smoking cigarette from dead body’s mouth and extinguishes it in the ashtray. 24 minutes long with the girls doing a great leg show and strangulation reaction.

Fetish Elements:

Smoking girls, strangulation, waitress and rich girl conflict, VERY EROTIC POSES AND DEATH STARES, black stockings, legs kicking, fighting for life, lifting choking, playing with bodies, MANY DIFFERENT GAMES WITH DEAD GIRLS’ POSES, dead girl with smoking cigarette in the mouth, postmortem, GREAT CHOKING SHOW!

No Smoking
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