Choke Chamber – Paralyzed

Choke Chamber – Paralyzed

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Kymberly and Victoria are two, notoriously gifted art thieves. The act opens with Kymberly and Victoria at the dinner table discussing their most recent heist, and how to fence the newly acquired painting from the night before. They argue about the deal, and realize they can’t agree on where and for how much the product should go for. There’s only one way to resolve a disagreement in any partnership… one has to go. Kymberly decides to finish, and Victoria heads to bed, while Kymberly,who supposedly leaves for the night, quietly returns. She sneaks into Victoria’s bedroom, and sprays an almost undetectable poison in the air. Almost immediately Victoria begins to die. She is awakened by an uncontrollable coughing. She falls to the ground and starts spitting out blood. She collapses to the ground, and chokes in her own blood. It isn’t long now. She writhes in agony. Victoria arches her back and kicks her legs, all the while choking in her own blood. Eventually she dies. To ensure her passing, Kymberly checks her former partner’s pulse. Now a corpse, Kymberly strips her, and checks her body.


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