Choke Chamber – Relapse

Choke Chamber – Relapse

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: When a beautiful young girl develops flashbacks of a scary night when she was attacked by a stalker, her nightmare immediately proves to be more than just a dark dream. The scene starts off with the beauty fixing herself in front of the mirror. She starts reading on a couch……… she falls asleep and dreams of a man creeping up to the couch were he kneels and starts to caresses her hair and throat …she wakes and he quickly seizes her neck strangling her with bare hands from the front. She wakes up from the dream still on the couch and hears a knock at the door she opens it a man enters. The dream is now a reality. He grabs her by the neck strangling her while forcing her up against the wall a gurgling coming from her throat and sliding down wall unconscious .when he leaves her for a moment she wakes and escapes bedroom …he finds her grabbing her shoulder and slowly turning her around … she doesn’t know what is happening…. as they face each other he slowly puts his hands around her throat and strangles her till she is dead…he releases his grip and she falls to the floor…….. he then carries her back to the bedroom…. it doesn’t end there.


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