Choke Chamber – Ricochet And Blade

Choke Chamber – Ricochet And Blade

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Video 1: After a failed attempt at an assassination, Victoria M receives a disturbing phone call from her agency, warning her to run. Her target is out for blood, and has hired a hit on her. Victoria is given less than 30 seconds before an armed man barges in her hotel room and charges toward her. They struggle on the floor, until she hits him with her gun, and escapes. She turns to shoot, but meets his bullet on the chest first. She is pushed back against the wall. She takes the impact like a pro, and shoots back. They fire back and forth. He shoots her three more times, and the hits are agonizing. She tries to stay strong, and keep her stance, but her legs and arms weaken. She calls him “Fuckin’ bastard” one more time, before he sets one fatal slug, right between her eyes, killing her instantly. Her lifeless body hits the wall, and slides down to the floor. Mission accomplished… beauty is dead. Video 2: Super sexy slasher flick! Hot, busty babe chased by a masked psychopath out for blood! He stabs her repeatedly, on the breasts, navel, leaving her bloody, pain, and immobile. She wails in sheer agony, and fear. Beauty dies, sprawled and bloody in the bath tub.

Ricochet and blade
Ricochet and blade.mp4

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