Choke Chamber – Sacrifice

Choke Chamber – Sacrifice

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: 3 beautiful women are captured, drugged, and bound. The scene opens with Kym hanging in a barn, bound and dizzy. A henchman enters the room, strips the buxom brunette of her dress, and panties, and escorts her inside the main house. Still drugged, she enters, and walks past two other captives… Christine and Randy. Both women are laying in two circles of candles. They are obviously part of some type of religious ritual. Christine awakens, and pleads for her life. She begs to be set free. Moments later, a high priest appears, and takes charge of the situation. Randy also comes to, and starts to panic. The henchman takes her to the barn, wraps a tight noose around her neck, and hangs her up until she tip-toed. The henchman releases her, and strips her down. The high priest explains to Randy that she is there to witness and uncover a mystery. As a news reporter, she has been diligently following the story of the unresolved murders of several women. Now, she will learn the truth about their killings. The high priest strips, seduces them, and puts them in a trance with a drugged beverage, hypnotizing them to do everything, and anything he asks. He starts with Kymberly. The henchman directs her to a long table, where she lays there, writhing, and moaning sensually. The high priest performs a ritual, caresses a long knife across her naked body, then raises the blade high above his head, then rams it in the beauty’s chest. Upon her demise, the henchman carries Kymberly off, and directs Christine onto the table. Bound, tied, and sobbing uncontrollably, she lays on the table naked and helpless. The high priest towers over her, and rubs a magical oil all over her breasts, and abdomen. He then caresses the knife over her body, and stabs her in the heart with the blade. She is lifted and taken away to make room for the final victim. Randy is also in a dreamlike trance. The high priest orders the henchman to put Randy on the table. But before he takes her life, he decides to enjoy her. He spread her legs apart, and slides his manhood inside of her soft pussy. He thrusts himself into her fiercely, sending orgasms all over her body. Upon climaxing, she moans and writhes in utter pleasure. He then takes the blade, slides it all over her silky body, caressing her breasts with the blade. He then lifts it high above his head, then penetrates her on the breast with it. She bleeds out, and chokes in her own fluids. Within moments, the beauty expires. Ritual complete.


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