Choke Chamber – Sleeper Cell

Choke Chamber – Sleeper Cell

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Raquel plays a mousey, shy, personal assistant who under hypnosis turns into a sexy, deadly and unstoppable weapon. When a psychiatrist implants a secret hypnotic message in the beautiful blonde’s subconscious, it triggers an assassination order in Raquel’s mind. What was supposed to be a simple session to cure stress at work, turns into a kill assignment to take out a powerful, bitchy Hollywood producer. With one code message, “sleeping beauty,” Raquel transforms into killer. She takes the gun hidden in her purse, walks toward her boss, and fires at close range, in cold blood. The producer boss tries to keep her rage, but the pain is too intense… she wails in agony. The assistant shoots her multiples times… on both breasts, in the belly, and in the vagina. The killer shoots without fear or remorse. She acts like a robot. After much pain, and horror, the bitchy producer expires. Upon her death, the assistant immediately wakes from her hypnosis, and comes to the realization that she just shot her boss to death. The reality drives her to madness. She takes the gun, and aims in to her head, and shoots.

Sleeper cell
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