Choke Chamber – Sweet Revenge

Choke Chamber – Sweet Revenge

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: The scene opens with pretty, blonde, girl-next-door Brit, tied, half-naked, and unconscious on a couch. Her arms are tied over her head, and fully expose her arm pits. Her belly is stretched, and flattened, making her vulnerable, and helpless. The victim’s captor, Victoria a gorgeous, brunette, bombshell saunters in with a knife and gun, waking the sleeping beauty with her snide remarks, and obnoxious tone. She taunts and teases her captive by caressing her breasts and legs with her deadly weapons. She has taken Brit hostage, and has every intention to punish her in the most horrific, merciless way. With the aid of a sharp, kitchen knife, and a gun, the sultry beauty has plans to inflict pain. Seems Brit has injured her tormentor deeply… a jilted lover perhaps? A former foe? Whatever the reason for this capture, Brit is in for a not-so-pleasant treat. Yet for her torturer, revenge will be oh so sweet!Victoria first fires a bullet directly into the victim’s belly button. Then she slowly stabs her victim very low in her belly, once again higher up but still a couple of inches below the navel leaving it embedded in her while taunting and teasing. Within moments, the blonde beauty expires. Upon her death, Victoria exits, and smiles in satisfaction.

Sweet revenge
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