Choke Chamber – Tale of two sisters

Choke Chamber – Tale of two sisters

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Michelle has fallen on hard times, and as a result has had to move in with her older sister (older by like 5 minutes). Michelle and her sister Angela do not get along AT ALL. While her husband is away on business, Angela decides that it is time to kick Michelle out of the house. After taking weeks of abuse, Michelle decides she has had enough. She presents Angela with a flash drive and tells her, she has proof that Angela has been sleeping around. Michelle tells her sister, “You are mine now!” Michelle’s plan is to remain in the house indefinitely, and turn Angela into her slave. She begins by making Angela give her a foot massage. Later that day, Michelle decides that she will take a bath and orders Angela to draw her a bath. While she waits, Michelle opens a bottle of vodka for herself. Once the bath is ready. Michelle get’s in the tub and continues drinking the wine. She is already a little more than tipsy, as she has just poured the last of the alcohol in her glass, so she calls for Angela to bring her another bottle. Angela enters the bathroom, and grabs Michelle and bashes her head into the rim of the tub, Michelle is too surprised and weakened from this blow and too drunk from the wine to fight back. Angela holds Michelle face down under the water until she stops kicking. Angela checks to make sure that Michelle is dead. Something about Michelle laying in the tub dead makes Angela Want to play with her feet a little before leaving the room to retrieve the phone.In the end, you hear Angela on the phone in the other room with emergency service operator while the camera pans up and down Michelle’s dead, drowned corpse and finally focusing on her her feet

Fetish Elements:

Filmed in 1980×1280 High Def, Super sexy death stares, 2 girls, drowning, knock out, struggle, eyes wide, splashing, foot views and worship, bare soles views, legs kicking and twitching, choking and gurgling, body posing, sexy lingerie, short skirt, bikini

Tale of two sisters
Tale of two sisters.mp4

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