Choke Chamber – Terminated

Choke Chamber – Terminated

Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: In a world where professional killers fatally vie for the title as top assassin, being the best can make you a target. Gorgeous, Playboy model Lena M, portrays a highly skilled spy, employed by the most renowned agency who after a successful assignment, is taken out by a rival killer. The envious colleague, played by the equally beautiful, and exotic dark haired beauty creeps from behind the blonde vixen, and with a tight garrote, and gloved hands, she wraps it around Lena’s neck and strangles her furiously. The fight is a struggle, and Lena kicks and pushes, but all is futile. The glamorous beauty meets her untimely demise at the end. Upon her death, Leia decides to strip her of not just her title, but her high end lingerie. Leia is now the top killer available for duty.



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