Choke Chamber – The Cleaner

Choke Chamber – The Cleaner

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Beautiful, asian goddess Angel Face allures her fans yet again with another erotic, goodie filled with close ups of her pretty feet, gorgeous legs, and sexy body called \”THE CLEANER.\” Wearing just a white blouse, a sleek, nude pantyhose, and black stripy sandals, she climbs on the bed and phones a lover for some \”kinky time.\” She seduces her cell buddy with her native Vietnamese language, and caresses herself in the process. Meanwhile, an uninvited intruder makes his way through her living room, ransacking her things. Oblivious to other inhabitants in the house, the burglar makes his way into the bedroom where Angel is. Surprised by her presence, he tries to make a run for it. Tough as nails, Angel springs out of her bed and attacks the intruder. She taunts and interrogates him, until he finally reveals his true identity… he\’s the cleaning man! Plus to add insult to injury, he was there to clean her out! She starts to beat him, until he finally loses control and slaps her dizzy. He then pulls her closer, and chokes her unconscious. While she\’s out cold, he plays with her body, caresses her legs and kisses her feet. He then whips out his manhood and molests the sleeping beauty! She awakens only to face her final, fatal nightmare!

The cleaner

The cleaner.mp4

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