Choke Chamber – The Grudge

Choke Chamber – The Grudge

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Someone is getting rid of CIA agents one by one. Spies involved in the Michelle Lee botched assassination are being targeted and taken out for failure. Erika, one of the most skilled killers of the agency has been put on the hit list. Now, she must fight to survive. As gifted of a marksman this gorgeous bombshell is, she doesn’t stand a chance against the hired hand selected to take her out. The scene opens with the strawberry blonde vixen getting out of the car in a short, tight, sexy dress and high heel pumps, waling toward her home. We have clear views of her long, toned legs, and firm bottom. We get to admire her trim and sexy physique before she meets her untimely demise in front of a sleek, deadly silencer. Each hit proves more fatal than the last. Painful to the core, bullets delivering agonizing streams of erotic pain. She writhes, and arches after each hit. She falls to the floor, moans so seductively, you’d think she were having an orgasm. Alas, she dies. This assassination closes the circle to those involved in the botched Lee Project.

The grudge
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