Choke Chamber – Tutor Vengeance

Choke Chamber – Tutor Vengeance

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: After weeks of her roommate slacking off, and leaving all of the class assignments to her, Michelle has had enough. The erudite, studious asian beauty confronts her blonde, bimbo friend and insists she pull her weight with the project. Confident in her modeling career, the pretty, but lazy vixen Miranda brushes Michelle off and heads over to the deck to get a nice tan. Frustrated, Michelle gives up. She would have just done the work for her roommate again, if not for the distressing email she received from their professor. Michelle has been accused of cheating and has failed her course. Goodbye med school and college scholarships! This angers her immensely. Seems her blonde friend has been cheating with her papers all along, and was dumb enough to get them both caught! The dimwitted model must pay! With the help of a handy rope, and some determination, a lesson much needed lesson can be taught. Michelle confronts her room mate with a vengeance! She tackles her, climbs on top and chokes. Of course, Miranda won’t go without a fight. She knocks off the petite asian vixen and chokes her out too. They struggle unit, Michelle hits her blonde target over the head, knocking her dizzy, giving Michelle the upper hand. She takes the opportunity to finish her off for good. Alas, Miranda expires. Upon her death, Michelle decides to strip her victim of all of her clothing. After all, she won’t need them anymore. She can use them now. She admires her roommate’s lovely body, caresses it. Yes, Miranda was truly beautiful. So much for her modeling career.

Tutor Vengeance
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