Choke Chamber – Tv Show

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Choke Chamber – Tv Show

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

TRASH EROTIC HORROR PARODY OF REALITY LIVE SHOW Three stupid media chicks are on TV Show «Live Show Flat». Suddenly a crazy fan, Chaim, breaks into the scene. He just wants to be famous but producers don’t let him into the casting. The Girls laugh at him and tell him «Fuck you»! What a mistake. He takes a revolver and… He kills Oksana by headshot (long, super sexy, grotesque headshot scene). Then he shoots Katya to her stomach, to her chest and to the back (sexy long shooting scene with nice pain and surprise reaction and exotic button-up death pose, blood effects + animated blood effects). He kills Vika by shotgun, quick by dynamic shooting scene mith slow-motion bullet time effect, flying body and exotic death pose. All girls are dead in nice different poses and super sexy death stares. Fedor, a strange male member of the Live Show, comes for some beer, he is glad to see the chicks dead. Chaim stripes bodies and plays with them. Low rating of this stupid TV-show for housewives becomes 100% rating with three absolutely nude dead young female bodies in blood.

Fetish Elements:

Headshot Stomach shooting Chest Shooting Back Shooting Shooting by Shot Guns Playing with dead girls Super sexy clothes, interesting plot

Tv Show

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