[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Designing Women

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Designing Women

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: London is a hard working fashion magazine columnist, too busy to redecorate her house so she decides to hire some model friends that moonlight as interior decorators, to re do her place. The gals are all dressed up in their tight designer jeans, waiting for London to get home and cut them checks because they are 99% done with their contract, just waiting on new curtains, and a shipment of paint to touch up, and cut in edges. When London comes in she has a whiskey in her hand and doesn’t look too happy. She tells the excited gals that they will not be getting any checks till they are fully done and the list of mess ups needs to be taken care of. Belle is new to this game so she grabs a brush and paint and starts to try and get done, the other two grab a bag and put it over London’s neck, taking her to the floor. Belle is confused but instantly gets aroused by the action, and the tight bag over the bitchy London’s face. They all touch themselves, and London, as well as each other, very turned on by the jeans and the bagging. London’s eyes bug out and her tongue tries to pierce the bag to get a sip of air, but nothing, and after a long hard fight she expires. The bag is taken off and her death stare is worth commenting on by the newbie, and even the vetrans. Starli goes to London’s room and grabs her purple strap on cock and comes back in with it on, while the other two undress London. She spreads London out, her pussy already wet from being bagged, and stuffs her good. She screws London hard pounding her legs in the air, while the other two girls hold on and play with themselves. As she is fucking the dead London, Andi comes around with the bag and puts it over her partner’s head, Starli bucks hard, which makes her screw London’s dead body with more vigor, Starli’s body jerks and heaves, making the cock bend all around inside London’s pink snatch, Andi pulls hard and Starli is off the ground and back on the floor, Belle and Andi finish off the fighting Starli, Belle takes the last leg of the bagging. After Starli is motionless, Belle removes the bag and Andi stares with a smile, sucking on Starli’s breasts, playing with her pussy through her jeans. Belle has the juice, so she looks at the bag on the sofa, and looks at Andi who is in dreamland, creeps behind her on the couch and bags her head. Andi comes up off the ground and fights hard, thrashing her arms and bucking her tight jean covered hips. Belle has power so she prevails, even getting mangled up in the bodies as she tries to reign her down. Belle pulls the bag off Andi’s dead head, and her tongue is poking out of her mouth, eyes wide open. Belle is so charged up that she pulls London to the other girls and starts to molest her dead body. At that time London’s fiance comes home and he surprises belle with his necktie around her throat. He pulls hard and lifts her off the ground off of London and strangles her hard and long till death. Belle fights very hard, wanting to kill again, but Mr. Wood doesn’t ever let up till she is dead, then he grabs each woman, placing each one neatly into position, then exits to have a whiskey while he figures things out.
Designing Women
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