[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Duct Taped And Smothered

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Duct Taped And Smothered

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: A young lady answers an ad after breaking up with her long time boyfriend so she can experience something different. Amateur Bondage photographer Johnny W. sees this as easy prey and loads her up with Champagne mimosas, getting her buzzed. She is concerned that it is not just pictures, but is getting drunk and giggly so she plays along. He quickly duct tapes her tight to the chair, then some over her mouth. He takes a couple photos then says, “Let’s have some fun”, and pinches her nose to block the air. At first she giggles, but when he doesn’t quit, she panics and fights hard, quickly trying to break the tape or the chair, but she is in there good. He smothers her hard, letting her buck and show her panties under her tiny cotton dress. She fights then twitches and passes out. He removes the hand and tape, getting her undressed, except for panties. he scopes out her body, especially her feet. Then while she is still out he double tapes her to the chair, then covers her moth with the tape. he wakes her up, she is startled but when she realizes it, it’s too late and she fights while he snaps photos. He takes a few but she is getting rowdy so he grabs a large piece of clear wrap and puts it over her face and tightens it around her head so he can see it hands free. He does it a couple times when the plastic seems to loosen, but she cant get air and sucks the bag and the tape into her nostrils and taped mouth. She fights so hard he has to finishes her off administering the death device himself so it can be super tight. She fights till she twitches to death, eyes wide open. he removes the bag after he knows for sure, then quickly gets some great death shots with his camera phone. After pics he cuts her free, then plays with her body, moving her carrying her, positioning her on the floor face up, then face down to show her lovely soles and perfect ass.
Duct Taped And Smothered
Duct Taped And Smothered.wmv

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