[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Girls Best Friend

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Girls Best Friend

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Ladies always get caught up in something shiny, or material, and end up losing something because they are greedy. Zayda is an independent thief, who specializes in sneaking into other people’s establishments and stealing their gems, or cash. She is the fastest and the best. She has the hottest security guard too, wow. Starli is always dressed for business and packing major heat. This ex cop turned security is hot in her business suit and heels with nude, control top hose, and an HK .45 caliber pistol. When the two arrive at their office and hideout downtown, they immediately get sucked into the stones. When she pulls the pouch full of large and small stones, both sets of eyes light up. Both are mesmerized by the twinkle of the pure uncut gems. Zayda snaps out of it for a second, ordering her guard/girlfriend to check the window. “Coast is clear boss baby”. Starli gets in the celebration mode whilst Zayda counts and figures the loot. Zayda replies, “Well go bring the car around, and hurry up”. Starli exits with a smile, flashing her piece tucked in her waistline. She walks down the corridor towards the back lot where they stashed the Caddy, and doesn’t notice that she forgot to bolt the door, and that a Red head is hiding behind the gate, ready to take Zayda out. Baby is part of the gang that Zayda double-crossed to get the full cut of the diamonds, and she is here to stop them from running off to the islands with the stones. Baby pulls her 9mm pistol from her waistline, kicks in the door and pops Zayda twice in the belly, and in one swoop she grabs the diamonds and Zayda’s Walther P-22, and heads out the door, closing it from behind. As she walks out the door, we pause to watch Zayda die from two shots to the belly. She writhes and bucks and groans with her guttural sounds, then changing to being mad about the diamonds. She shudders and twitches till she dies face up in her body suit.
Back to the action in front of the office, Starli has just pulled up to the front of the office and sees Baby exiting quickly from the room where Zayda is. She get’s out quickly, shouts, “HEY!” and goes to the corridor. Baby turns to see what it is and catches a hot one in her waistline from Starli’s .45. Baby gets away and Starli runs to see her girl. When she gets into the office, Zayda is dead. She frets for a moment then gets mad and looks for the diamonds, searching her bra and cat suit, plus her long boots for the diamonds… They are obviously gone. Starli promises Zayda’s dead body that she will avenge her death and get back what is hers. In the first death scene we have Zayda looking very sexy in her zipped down black jump-suit exposing her black bra.
She gives a fine performance reacting to two “belly-butt” bullet hits from Baby’s 9mm pistol casing her to bend over and clutch her mortal wounds and showing fine grimacing facial expressions. Quickly she then staggers onto a conference table landing on her back and giving plenty of good death fetish dying moves… jerking, withering, gasping and leg kicks to her final collapse. Next we see Starli catching Baby outside and putting a round in her before she gets away. Here Baby does a O.K. bullet hit reaction and stagger getting away.
Starli then does a good job of examine Zayda’s dead body… running her hands over her whole body front and back searching for the diamonds and exposing Zayda’s breasts in the processes.

Starli promises Zayda’s dead body that she will avenge her death and get back what is hers. Starli heads for the hideout of the 380 Posse, which is a gang of all long haired, big breasted, sexy women that dress in black skirts, white button down tops, and heels, selling drugs and guns to make what they can. Linn and Naughtya wait at the hideout playing cards and doing coke. They know Baby is the best and most stealth assassin, she will get the loot. Baby comes back to the compound and down the hall to the hang out room. “I’m shot”, she says as she stumbles in the door. She explains in short the gist of it and grasps her wound in pain. She forgets about the wound when she reaches into her bra and grabs the pouch.

In reacting like someone with a 45 slug in their gut… Baby does only a O.K. acting job here.

The girls gaze at the diamonds and get caught up in their brilliance. Linn asks Baby if she is ok and she says, “ Fuck no I’m not ok.” Linn tells Naughtya to go watch the door while she tends to Baby. When she closes the door and stands by, The Exit door swings open, Starli Opens her suit coat, grabs her gun and fires rounds into Naughtya’s sexy body, knocking her to the ground with 4 rounds to the chest and breasts. She fights for her life, but bucks and heaves, leaking blood from her wounds into the fabric of her bra and shirt. We pause the action in the other room to watch her die slowly, and then we pick up… Here Naughtya does some fine acting after being shot and giving us plenty classic fetish elements to look at… leaning her head way back showing great facial pain clutching her bullet riddled left breast and waving her legs exposing her pantyhose. Then showing some last gasps and some final death throw twitches until she lies still.

Starli busts through the door, draws her gun and opens fire. The diamonds and the drugs mesmerized the coked up broads in the hang out room, and poor Baby was aching in her belly from a hot .45 slug. The two stand up, guns blazing, but missing Starli with every shot. With her training she hits Linn all over her chest, and one right in the left nipple, then turns the gun to Baby who is out of ammo, averting the bullets behind the corner. She pokes her head out to see if the coast is clear and takes a slug right between the eyes, which kills her instantly and sends her head into the wall. Her eyes are wide open the whole time. Starli watches Linn squirm, buck and twitch her way down the chair and on to the floor. Her long sexy, hose clad legs shiver right before death and straighten out. Her pretty green eyes shine through in contrast with the blood. A very well done choreographed shoot-out here!!! Starli looks hot, hot, hot in her shooting stance, high heels and all!!! Linn does a fine performance with her death scene… giving us great reactions when Starli pumps hot lead into her fine body… hitting her twice in the left breast and one to her gut. First falling back upright in a chair, convulsing and twitching from her fatal wounds… gasping for air, eyes and mouth wide open showing pain and disbelief. A few seconds later she slides to the floor and exposing her pantyhose and continues to do some final death throws until she too lies still. During this time Starli nails Baby is one of those routine head shot set-up scenes… planting one between her eyes that freezes her in a death stare. (Effective film techinque)

Starli then grabs the diamonds and gets them accounted for. She puts them in her pantyhose under her skirt to carry them home. She says some words, and then yells, “Fuck You bitches, I am going to the Bahamas”. She turns and the door flies open and the gunfire begins, riddling her sexy body with bullets from the two cops sent in to recover the diamonds and kill the ones left. After Starli takes several rounds she twitches and writhes to death in the chair. Now the cops furiously look for the diamonds. They cut and tear the women’s tops and bras open and inspect their pantyhose for the diamonds, while they pile the women into a body stack. They find the diamonds in Starli’s vaginal area of her hosiery. They check them and then grab the guns and start to leave. Thor says, “Hey man I always wanted to do this”, and shoots Starli right at the top of her pussy mons with a silenced slug. The body jolts as the slug enters the dead body. They quickly exit and we see the blood puddle under her pussy from the shot. LONG BODY PANS OF ALL OF THE DEATH SCENES INCLUDING EACH GIRL THAT IS SHOT OUTSIDE THE GROUP.
Girls Best Friend
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