[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Her Deadly Dreams Dream 4 Or Reality

Her Deadly Dreams Dream 4 Or Reality.0013

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Her Deadly Dreams Dream 4 Or Reality

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Belle is an adventurous woman that loves all of life’s pleasures and especially PANTYHOSED FEET.
She constantly has dreams and day fantasies about her co workers, baristas, and everyday women on the street, in the throws of strangling, smothering, bagging, or choking out some hot chick in pantyhose, her favorite color being black. In most of her dreams and fantasies, she is dressed like a stealth assassin, clad in black, like a CAT, with black pantyhose, and a bandit mask, sneaking without shoes into the room where her victim is entranced, asleep, or even, distracted by what they are doing at the time. She always plays with them when she finishes, sucking on their pantyhose covered toes, sniffing and whiffing their bodies and especially the feet. Kissing and sucking all over their bodies, she makes her way out of the dream after a catchy line that mocks the victim. Every movement, cat like, feet arched and pointed, moving across the bodies taking in the pantyhose victims.

Something feels different about things begin in this episode. The scene starts out with SaraLiz masturbating to some strangle porn, sitting in her cozy den, legs up in the recliner rubbing her pussy through her sexy pantyhose. As the scene gets rougher, and more interesting, so do her orgasms. She rubs furiously not noticing the woman who comes through the door, dressed in a skirt, high heels, and a sweater blouse, jewelry, with her hair down looking sexy. She has a look of determination and a strut that is confident with each stride. As she sneaks up behind the young woman masturbating, she takes a long look at what she is watching, how she is stroking herself, and how sexy the victim looks wearing pantyhose. As the young lady gets closer and closer to the big O, the killer gets set with the length of pantyhose she will use to strangle the young woman to death. As she climaxes, the woman wraps the stocking leg of the hose around her neck and yards back hard, surprising the young woman as she goes absolutely crazy trying to claw and work her way out of the strangle. She even tries to reach for the laptop still playing the strangle porn video, like she is embarrassed, being caught in the act. Belle is relentless and uses her strength and will to strangle the young lady harder. The victims legs kick, she bucks her wet pantyhose legs and crotch. She claws at the hosiery but can not grasp underneath, fighting for her life but she is no match for a determined fanatic like Belle, especially in her element, and sometimes even her fantasy. As the young woman fights less and less, her head and tongue lolling, eyes wide and still, only a twitch of her pantyhosed feet after her death rattle. She is completely limp and dead. Belle removes the hosiery and gives a whiff, then heads around to the front of the woman to check her out. She has something clever to say before she works her way to caressing and checking out the young woman. She says she has her all to herself and that it seems way more realistic in this dream. She is starting to question her reality but in her trance and fantasy, she ends up not noticing the man who enters the room, it is the poor victims husband, and he is silent but unhappy that his wife is dead and some bitch is kneeling down talking to her like she is her new toy, he quickly grabs some pantyhose and wraps it around her neck, causing a whirlwind of reaction and a crazy violent strangle ensues all over the room, ending up on a chair and eventually on to the floor, where she fights hard for her life but the man is just too strong and upset about his woman being killed by some asphyxia crazed woman. He finishes her off and she gasps for no air, popping her mouth like a fish out of water, her eyes bugging and her face turning red like a sugar beet. Eyes bloodshot and lifeless, she falls to the floor and goes limp. The man positions them both in either chair, feet close together so he can sniff them and see what the craze is all about. He checks them out for a bit, then exits saying he supposes his dinner will not make itself. He exits and leaves way for pans and views of both dead beauties and their sexy death stares, and pantyhose clad feet and bodies. FADE OUT
FADE IN to Belle sleeping in her bed(It appears to be the same bed from her pillow smother dream) she tosses and turns, revealing she is wearing the same set of pantyhose in her fantasies, but they are the ones her victim wore. As her dream intensifies she is startled awake, grasping her neck, out of breath, looking terrified and confused. As she catches her breath, she realizes that she is still among the living and that she is in her bed, comfortable. It was all a dream, well some of it at least. As she reaches under her pillow, almost instinctual, she pulls out some used, worn, pantyhose her victim wore. She smells them, whiffing them hard, then smiling big, laying back and laughing maniacally as we see the room is the same one from her first dream. She is glad to be alive and know she is the real Bandit, or is she?
Her Deadly Dreams Dream 4 Or Reality

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