[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Redheds Strangled Necrofucked

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Redheds Strangled Necrofucked

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Two lovely sisters are at home in their house, getting ready for work, and job interviews. Baby tells her older sister Autumn that she will be working late and her boyfriend Chris would be coming by to do some yardwork. When she leaves Chris comes in the backdoor, announcing that he will just be working. Autumn says, “Hey, she is gone, don’t worry!” Chris looks around to make sure and heads straight to her kissing her and grabbing her tiny little frame. They start to fool around, and as things progress, she starts to give him head, and her sister, and Chris’ steady girlfriend, Baby walks in. Autumn runs to her bedroom, and Baby screams “what the fuck?” Chris says the usual, “It’s not what it looks like”, “Lets talk about this”, and yells at Autumn to stay in her room while he deals with her sister. He does just that! He surprises her from behind by double wrapping a nylon stocking around her neck and bearing down. She goes at it hard, trying to fight, grasping at the garrote and her neck. She flails all over the place on the hard wood floor, fighting, slapping and kicking Chris. He strangles her to death, then he get’s up and goes to Autumn’s room where she is terrified and cowering on the bed. He wraps the nylon around her neck and she springs into action. She beats him, kicking and clawing, to the point of hurting Chris, but he is much too strong and insane. He pulls her up by the stocking, pulling on it so hard her whole face and head turn red, blood vessels are popping out too. She is fighting harder, and eventually takes herself to the floor, where the stocking gets so tight. She is getting worked over. Chris gets on top of her and crosses the garotte, sucking her nipples, and averting his head to her stiff punches. He finishes her off as she twitches and bucks her hips, and sexy soles. Chris is done strangling, but now wants to do what he has dreamed all along, to have both sisters at the same time, in the same bed, willing or not. He undresses, caresses, fingers, tweaks nipples and gets all riled up before he fucks his now EX girlfriend. then finishes up by fucking her sexy sister, who he has always had the hots for. He fucks her, then pulls out, letting her dead hand stroke him off, then he cums all over her belly and mound. Chris is done so he positions the two sisters and lets them lay on Autumns bed. As he goes for food, he promises to return and have his way. Body pans and views show the sexy aftermath.
Redheads Strangled Necrofucked

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