Japan Series – Bounty Hunter – The Overture of Doom [JMSZ-11]


Japan Series – Bounty Hunter – The Overture of Doom [JMSZ-11]

Alternative Names: バウンティーハンター 破滅への序曲

Categories: Japan, Rape, Bizarre, SuperHeroines, Beating, Snuff Play, Parody, BDSM, Abuse, Bloody Game

Description: She is a bounty hunter by profession, and her name is Bounty Hunter Minako! Licensed by the Space Police, Minako has hunted down sought-for targets with her partner Clever and collected plenty of money. Minako is enjoying her vacation on a tropical island, when she receives a message from CIS. Golom, a criminal Minako convicted, has escaped from the prison! Minako and Clever quickly set out to catch Golom! But on the way someone breaks in the spaceship specially designed for her! It’s Golom, the very one she is after! The two fighters, seeing each other for the first time in a long time, lose no time in engaging hand to hand combat! After suffering several setbacks, she almost defeats Golom using a trap set, but the souped-up Golom fights back breaking her trap, and slowly corners Minako! She continues to attack, but it is all useless. The only means left to her is to activate the self-destruction device of her partner Clever! Minako betrays her faithful long-time partner to save her own life! But … when Golom stands up unscathed and starts attacking her, what will Minako do?! [BAD END]

This is the third time for Maika-san to star in GIGA-produced films. This time the film focuses on the way in which a self-centered and greedy heroine begs for her own life when she learns her life is at the mercy of her mortal enemy. Action was not really Maika-san’s forte, but she gave all she’s got, doing many takes for combat scenes until she got completely exhausted. As a director I had to drive her so hard in order to create the image of a strong heroine. The film’s heroine uses even her faithful partner Clever to save her life. Maybe she is not the kind of a heroine who is very popular in the present age. What I thought while shooting the film was that when facing her own death, even a fighting heroine would lose her great courage.

GIGA出演3作目のMaiKaさん。今回は、生意気で強欲なヒロインが自分の命を奪われそうになった時の命乞いに重点を置いた作品です。 苦手なアクションもテイクを重ねボロボロになりながら戦っていました。 強いヒロインを見せるためには必要だったので・・・・。信頼関係にある相棒のクレバーまでも自分の命を守るためなら利用するヒロイン!?今の時代に逆行した作品になっています。この撮影をして思った事は、ヒロインでも自分が死に直面すると、勇気の炎は消えてしまうと言う事です。


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