Japan Series – Heroine Belly Tortures – Bandit Night Panther [JHRZ-02]


Japan Series – Heroine Belly Tortures – Bandit Night Panther [JHRZ-02]

Alternative Names: ヒロイン腹責め 怪盗ナイトパンサー編

Categories: Japan, Rape, Bizarre, SuperHeroines, Beating, Snuff Play, Parody, BDSM, Abuse, Bloody Game

Description: To retrieve the lost work of her deceased father who was a renowned artist, a female thief Knight Panther steals artifacts from gangsters illicitly collecting them in their attempt to maintain on a monopoly on art. This time Phantom-Thief Knight Panther plans to steal a jewel named ”A Saint’s Teardrop” before Hebisawa, a man connected to yakuza crime syndicates, puts his hands on it. Disguised as an art restorer, Knight Panther enters the mansion of Hebisawa. However, private security guard Kurosaki interferes, and she is blinded by pepper spray and gets knocked down onto the floor, repeatedly punched in the body until vomiting stomach juice. Hebisawa, tricked into taking a fake stone by Knight Panther, orders one of his henchmen, a huge man with a giant’s strength, to subject the girl to belly tortures. Then he penetrates the girl deprived of all the means of defense, and drips hot wax on the belly to enjoy watching her reactions. His tortures continue, with barbed wire wrapped around her body, and Knight Panther is further subjected to the hentai guy Hebisawa’s tortures, like dropping iron balls onto her belly. Thanks to her smart partner, she escapes from the enemy’s territory with the real jewel, and she returns it to the original owner, only to discover that a terrible future, worse than despair, awaits her. [BAD END]

Panther features Miss Mao Sakazaki, with a theme of ”belly torture,” or stomach-focused torture. She is quite good at reactions, and we used long takes, with as less cuts as possible, so that we could emphasize her nice reactions. Her reaction is most impressive during the torture scenes with no torture devices. In addition, there are unique tortures like hot wax on the belly of the girl while being penetrated, as well as torture with the piled-up iron balls. I hope you enjoy the realistic reactions from the realistic-looking heroine as a female thief, as well as the realistic torture scenes. I am confident that I have done something new and unique here, so please take a look and enjoy the film. [Staff Comment] If you love a girl wearing a tight bodysuit that shows her glamorous curves, this video is for you. Punching, kicking, stomping and weapons … there are many ways of torturing, but this video focuses on belly tortures. Things get heated up in the midsection of the story when more radical equipment starts to be used for belly tortures. The girl’s gorgeous body in bodysuit is so fascinating to see, even before her costume is torn up. She did a great job, perfect for belly torture scenes. Don’t miss it!

リアクション上手な坂崎さんを迎えての「腹責め」という限定的な局所討伐です。カメラを長回しして彼女のリアクションのうまさを余すところなく収録しました。特に道具を使わない責めシーンでは彼女のリアクションが際立ちます。そのほか挿入しながらの腹ろうそく責めや、鉄球積み上げ責めなどとちょっと変わった拷問にもチャレンジしました。女怪盗というリアル系のキャラですので、リアルな責めがリアルなリアクションとともに楽しめると思います。自分でもちょっとチャレンジした作品ですのでぜひご覧になっていただきたいです。 #ラインがくっきり、そんなボディスーツ好きの方にはきっと満足頂けると思います。パンチ・蹴り・踏み付け・武器・・・責めはいくらでもありますが、腹だけを責め抜きます。物語の中盤以降では更にエスカレートし、より過激な器具を使い、腹を責め続けます。ボディースーツを着ていても、破られても、とても妖艶なボディに見入ってしまいます。本当に腹責めにふさわしい女優さんでした。みなさんも是非!


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