Japan Series – Sexy Mask Groin Destroying Punch [JMSZ-04]


Japan Series – Sexy Mask Groin Destroying Punch [JMSZ-04]

Alternative Names: セクシー仮面 股間破壊パンチ

Categories: Japan, Rape, Bizarre, SuperHeroines, Beating, Snuff Play, Parody, BDSM, Abuse, Bloody Game

Description: The punishment teachers at Goumon School(means a torture school in Japanese sound) submit their resignation one after another due to the Wide-Opened-Legs Attack by the Sexy-Mask. So, the school director plots not to make her obtain the deadly blow any longer. The school director takes the students hostage and lures the Sexy-Mask!! She gets an anesthentic shot from behind and lays asleep. Now, the school director begins to seal her deadly blow!! The school director has invited a kickboxer over, and makes the kickboxer hits, also knees and kicks between her legs, and mercilessly destroys it! And also makes her put on pants with pin support that have been developed by the school director, and tortures between her legs furthermore. Then, fresh blood flies off from between the Sexy-Mask’s legs!! And one after another she is forced to put on various pants that have been developed, and she gets serious destruction between her legs!!! [BAD END]

Miss Yui Hatano is so perfect to be cast for this character. This time she has the crotch destroyed more than enough. With punches and kicks, and after she is forced to put on pants with pin support, and then gets punches and kicks! Miss Hatano(the Sexy-Mask) has the crotch destroyed with all kinds of methods, and she moans with punches and kicks that really hit between her legs. Actually, she never had experienced a work like this, so she torn to sheds and went home after the shooting. Basically, in order not to let the heroine use the Wide-Opened-Legs Attack, the plot goes with destroying between her legs, so don’t expect insult scenes. Of course, we inserted a scene where she is beaten with an iron pipe while she is teased with an electric vibrator, but destruction between her legs is a main thing. Please take a look at the destructive punches between Miss Hatano’s legs.

このキャラクターのキャスティング的には完璧な波多野結衣さん。 今回は、股間を嫌と言うほど破壊されてしまいます。 パンチ・キック・さらに剣山パンティを履かされパンチ&キック!ありとあらゆる方法で股間を破壊されていく波多野さん(セクシー仮面)はリアルにヒットしてしまったパンチ&キックに悶絶していました。 ここまでの作品を経験されていない様なので、撮影後はボロボロになりながら帰っていった波多野さん。 基本的には、セクシー仮面のおっぴろげアタックを使わせない為に、股間を破壊していく内容なので凌辱シーンは期待しないで下さい。 勿論、バイブで責められながら鉄パイプで叩かれるシーンが入っていますが、股間破壊メインです。 波多野さんの股間パンチ破壊、是非ご覧になって下さい。


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