Inshadow – BLIND DATE 2

Inshadow – BLIND DATE 2

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: Mya and her date return to his place. She has her hair down and dangling earrings. She is wearing black sheer to the waist pantyhose with no panties and heels. As she looks around he sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her. She puts up a big struggle but slowly slips to the floor. He drags her to the bedroom and tosses her on the bed. He takes her shoes off and moves her around in different positions as he fondles her breast and nyloned legs. He removes her dress and fondles and licks her tits. He moves her into different positions as he fondles her legs and crotch. As he slowly fondles her he becomes aroused and forces himself into her mouth. After he is finished he moves back to her feet and legs. He begins to slowly lick and nibble at her feet and legs as he slowly works his way up to her crotch. She begins to slowly come around ashe licks her crotch through her pantyhose. She begins to become aroused slowly as he continues to lick. She begins to squirm around and moan as she reaches an orgasm. Her body twitches
several times as she orgasms. As she catches her breath he moves around to strangle her. She puts up a great fight as they roll around on the bed as chokes her out.

TAGS; chloroform knockout , body handling, fondling, emphasis on pantyhose , unconscious blowjob, forced orgasm , manual strangling.



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