Inshadow – Lesbian Strangler in Jeans

Inshadow – Lesbian Strangler in Jeans

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: Home alone, Lory is playing with herself using some sex toys, unaware she has been stalked for a few days by Gina, a dangerous lesbian psycho who likes to kill and rape young girls while wearing herself ultra tight jeans and strap-on….

Gina surprises Lory while she is toying herself with a vibrator in front or her mirror, and strangles her from behind with a rope, she got excited riding the struggling victim till she things she is dead, then slowly put her strap on on and arouses herself a bit more, carressing her legs and dildo and enjoying watching herself in the mirror. Then Gina undresses Lory and penetrates her.

Lory wakes up under the pain. Gina grabs a pillow and will use it to suffocate her innocent victim to death.

As Gina is done with Lory, she takes a moment to watch herself in the mirror again, she does not notice Lory’s boyfriend entering the room. Fatal mistake, she will end up strangled as well…

TAGS : Psycho lesbian, strangling with rope, suffocation by pillow, strangling with towel, lesbian rape with strap-on, tight jeans, topless murderess, erotic set up with sex toys, …

Lesbian Strangler in Jeans

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