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Description: Gina, a mob’s girlfriend is actually lesbian and very interested in their new maid Sylvana. As they are alone for a moment, she starts to kiss and touch the shy girl who can not resist for long to gina’s arguments…She forces the maidon the couch and fondles, kisses and gropes her. The maid eventually gets in the play as well and they have sex…humping each other, using dildos and strap on’s…

After several orgasms, a dildo inside her, Gina reveals her true fantasy, as Sylvana is still fucking her with the strapon, she gently push the maid backwards and, riding her, suddenly wrap her hands around the fresh girl’s throat. She squezzes it, while enjoying the “ride”, and the twitching maid’s body. The maid struggles not to avail, trying to get some air, her mouth gasping and legs kicking widely, till she eventually passes out.

Gina keeps on enjoying the now unconscious girl, rubbing herself against the maid’s leg, having another orgasm….but it is not enough…the young maid starts to recover, coughing from the chocking. Gina grabs a pillow and suffocates the girl, loudly enjoying it!

It is soon all over…The young maid is dead this time. Gina disposes of the body on the floor, and masturbates on it… Unaware that a silent assassin, sent by her boyfriend’s enemy, is sneaking behind her… He watches the scene a moment, perplex, then strikes….

He quickly wraps a plastic bag around Gina’s head, still jerking on the corpse, and pulls her backwards, then suffocates her…

The two bodies are left to be found by the mobs as he returns…

Keywords: Explicite lesbian sex, G/G manual chocking, G/G pillow suffocation, M/F plastic bag suffocation, strugglings, …



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