Inshadow – Silk Pantyhose Strangler

Inshadow – Silk Pantyhose Strangler

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: Lory and Gina are two lesbian lovers, but also thieves by nature, they also love leather, pvc, latex and especially stockings and shiny pantyhoses,… so when they break in that house, they naturally wear all of them… they search the place for valuables…but in the same time..they can not help…they got aroused by each other…Fatal mistake as the owner of the house, pervert himself, surprises them and forces them, at gunpoint, to gag themselves with panties. He then forces Gina to tie Lory up with ducttape, wrists and ankles…then comes Gina’s turn….They are raped … frantically struggling to escape…not to avail… and eventually strangled one after the other…

TAGS: Two girls, pantyhose fetish, stocking fetish, pvc fetish, leather fetish, latex gloves fetish, boots fetish, forced self gagging, gagged with panties, bound with ductape, thieves, stocking over head, both victims garroted with rope…

Silk Pantyhose Strangler

Silk Pantyhose Strangler.mp4

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