Inshadow – The Ex Lookalike

Inshadow – The Ex Lookalike

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: Emmanueele is a sweet girl and loves to live…she just has one default, she is not aware that she looks like Paul’s ex girlfriend. He kidnaps her as she gets in her car, threatning her with a gun, and takes her to an underground place. He puts a piece of tape over her mouth to gag her, then forces her to undress. The crying girl doesn’t have choice. She gets undress in undies. Then he ties her hands and feet, using tape, and starts his ritual… He forces on her to wear the dress his ex girlfriend was often wearing, she is tied up so he puts it himself on her as he can, then sprays his ex’s favourite perfume all over her body…All this is a part of his ritual, what makes him horny….He rapes her, then tapes her tighter on the chair before leaving her there..struggling and moaning for a while..He comes back…to abuse her again…but it is just the beginning of her torment, he shows up a dildo….

The Ex Lookalike

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