Inshadow – The Plastic Players

Inshadow – The Plastic Players

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: Gina started to be known as fetish model buy many photographers… but a wealthy guy wanted more from her…much more…he sent one of his henchwomen to kidnap her…Gina is chloroformed in bed, and dragged to her “new owner” ‘s hideout…She is tied up, wrap-gagged with ducttape, fondled…She wakes up struggling , moaning and fighting against her bonds…and soon finds out what her tormentors are up to…they are obsessed by plastic, both of them, that lesbian who is fondling her now, and that strange guy, sitting in a corner, who’s masturbating watching her predicament!

Gina is soon trapped into a full plastic bag, one of those used to keep clothes from dust…Hard to breath…both the captors start to sexually enjoy her body wrapped in plastic… then they start to wrap her body up using cling film….

Gina is wrapped and wrapped again….she can’t stand all this anymore….As she already has difficulties to breath through the plastic, Gina sees the man suddenly put another bag over her head. She can see in the man’s eyes this one is the fatal one!

All her body being packed in that huge plastic bag, then wrapped in that cling film, she can not fight much more…only her feet still twitch a bit…while she slowly suffocate under the bag,..

The Plastic Players

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