UnderWater Serie – Charlee Gives Kimmy

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UnderWater Serie – Charlee Gives Kimmy

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Description: It’s been a long day already. Kimmy is relaxing in the tub, almost unresponsive to me when I tell her I’m going to go work out in the other room while she enjoys her bath. I’m not even all set up yet when I hear a lot of noise coming from the bathroom. I go back in to find Kimmy completely under the water. I pull her wet, naked, completely limp body out, lay her on the ground in front of the bathtub and begin resuscitation efforts. I tilt her head back, pinch her nose closed and blow deep breaths into her mouth. Her chest and tummy rise and fall heavily with each breath I give her. I attempt some tummy compressions. More mouth to mouth. Chest compressions. More mouth to mouth, over and over again, sometimes straddling over her body, other times to her side as I try to revive her. She eventually comes to, choking up tons of water as I help her sit up. Wow! What a scare she gave me!

Charlee Gives Kimmy
Charlee Gives Kimmy.mp4

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