UnderWater Serie – Trespasser Drown in Hot Tub

Trespasser Drown in Hot Tub.0023

UnderWater Serie – Trespasser Drown in Hot Tub

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Description: The local grounds worker, played by the innocent Jasmine, thinks she will get away with sneaking into the hot tub again when she believes Wenona is away on vacation. Jasmine gets nice and settled in the warm and lovely water. She even takes her clothes off to get even more comfy. Then it is down hill for her from there…. She is surprised to find Wenona suddenly appear; she knows twice is shame on her! She tries in vein to sweet talk the way out of her predicament!…
Wenona buys none of her lies…
Wenona smiles as she knows the trespasser she busted in going to pay for her actions…The trespasser swears she won’t do it again, and she is right!…
Wenona cannot let this menace continue her ways. The vengeful Wenona pushes the busted trespasser underwater and cruelly, and mercilessly slams the cover over her now victim, and with a smile, as to show her level of insanity, as she exacts revenge!
All this poor trespasser in peril can do is meaninglessly struggle until she meets her watery end……

Trespasser Drown in Hot Tub
Trespasser Drown in Hot Tub.wmv

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