Peachy Keen Films – After The Party

Peachy Keen Films – After The Party

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Casey Calvert
Directed By JohnM

Casey is cleaning her apartment after a party. A party straggler stumbles drunkenly into the room. She does not notice. He finds a gun and aims it at her.

She noticed him and the gun. She tries to talk him down, but he shoot her. She falls to the couch, dead. He stumbles over to her and collapses on her, passing out.

Later, he wakes up, and starts to play with the woman. He undresses her, then uses her feet, clad in hosiery, to rub his cock.

Then, he fucks her mouth for a while, before fucking her in a few positions. Once he is done, he poses her and leaves.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Shooting, Undressing, Body Play, Feet Play, Feet Job, Hosiery, Necro BJ, Necro Sex, Posing, Body Views, Foot Views.

After The Party
After The Party.mp4

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