Peachy Keen Films – All In The Family

Peachy Keen Films – All In The Family

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Mom is having a soak in the jacuzzi. 18yo Tegan enters in a towel after a long day at school and joins her mom. It turns out, this is some sort of opportunity mom has been waiting for. Before long, mom and daughter are licking and sucking each other like nobodies business.

Right at the end, turns out brother has been spying on them. And, him and mom had been doing there thing way before sister, so now he was major jealous. He waltzes into the little party, shocking his exposed sister—she quickly covers herself.

She sleuths around the jacuzzi and settles behind young Tegan to her chagrin. As she wonders what he is doing, it suddenly becomes plainly obvious as she wraps a extension cord around her neck.

She struggles violent as mom quickly goes from shock to excitement and then sexual lust as she masturbates to her daughter dying.

Tegan fights hard, but can gain no leverage in the warm water and after a while succumbs to the lack of air. Brother lets her float to the side, so peaceful and even quite beautiful in death.

Mother is very turned in by her sons agressive approach to the situation and is expecting things to get hot and heavy. What seems like a start to a nice massage quickly turns into her struggling for her life as well.

Her sons jealousy runs deep and proves it by violently strangling his own mother. She is a fighter as well, and as her face turns red, eyes wide and gasping for air, she bumps agains her dead daughter as she struggles to live.

But, in the end, she is a floater as well. She sinks beneath the water briefly in death–eyes wide open. he pulls her back up and lets her face float next to his sisters. Mother and daughter make a lovely nude pair in death.

He covers the jacuzzi up since dad never uses it. He wonders how long he can leave them there as he walks away.

All In The Family

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