Peachy Keen Films – Double Delight

Peachy Keen Films – Double Delight

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Two young office girls at a work session in a hotel are stressing over getting their project done by deadline. Snappy banter soon turns into a foot massage. Before long, these pantyhose clad girls are engaging in full on lesbian love-making. But, afterward it’s back to work. Emma takes off for some beer and smokes while Reyja tries to make headway on the project. Noticing her pantyhose has a run, she changes into a new pair–tossing the old on the floor. With her back to the door–which never latched when Emma left, she was unaware of the intruder watching her. He perversely sniffs the hose and moves toward her. Once he attacks there is no mercy. He wraps the hose tightly around her neck and whips her around in the office chair until she falls to the ground, kicking and spreading her pantyhose-clad legs. They struggle hard for a long time and at one point, he loses his hold on her, giving her a brief moment of hope. But then he is back on her–hose digging into her soft flesh. She weakens and eventually is still. He flings her off and examines his work. He carries her to the bed and tucks her in just in time for Emma to arrive. He quickly attacks her from behind–lifting her off the ground in a -hold. He is relentless and she almost passes out. At the last moment she musters strength enough to elbow him and he lets go. She is on the ground crawling feverishly toward the door, but he is on top of her fast. She beats and kicks him–sticking hard blows to her assailant. He tries to pin her down, but she break free again with a hard smack to his face. At the door she is almost free, but he spins her around and slugs her hard in the ribs–dropping her like a sack of potatoes. Then, he has her. Wrapping the same stocking around her neck he goes to work—cutting off her air and watching her struggle. Her pantyhose clad legs whip and kick, but she has no traction on the industrial carpet. She strains for some air, but there is none. Then, she catches a break when the stocking slips. She moves away, but with barely any strength left, he is quick to catch her again. This time, he pulls her right on top of him. He feels her warm young body against him as he finishes her. Slowly she gives in until she is still. He rolls her off hard to the floor. He picks her up–taking her into the bedroom and tossing her on the bed next to her co-worker. He poses them as lovers should be and leaves.

Double Delight

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